Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thursday, Week 1, Cycle 2

It hasn't been too bad so far this cycle, I have managed to get out and about a bit, I haven't been as fatigued as I was in cycle 1.  I did sleep through most of the treatment at The Brodey today, it was quite warm and I had lunch before I went, so it may just have been a siesta.

I have got hiccups again.  Long term readers will remember hiccups from regime 1.  The Brodey haven't offered me anything for them and I would probably refuse it any way.  They seem to come on about 7:00 pm and last until bedtime.  The anti-sickness drugs must have something to do with them.

I have had several conversations with people about alternative medicine cancer cures.  One said she had a sudden thought that red foods would cure it and nearly bought me some tomatoes and raddishes.  She had no rational explanation, but lots of passion.  Someone else has been to Portugal to a Juice Oasis who claim not only to dettox but also to cure cancer with fruit and vegetable juices.  I did some brief research and can find as much evidence against the alternative strategies as I can for them.  Some of the 'marketing' seems believable, but I can find little real evidence.  What do you readers know?

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