Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nile Rodgers

I have just watched Nile Rodgers from Glastonbury whilst imbibing my chemotherapy.  Who would have thought, in 1976, when I was an angry young man, that the technology would exist for me to watch such a performance, on a wireless device I held in my hand.  I remember discovering disco music.  I had been bought up on rock and roll, prog rock and most recently punk.  We were sat in Ollie Bennet's front room in De Freville Avenue, someone had a copy of an album by The Commodores, we played Brickhouse continually for nearly an hour.  That was the start of a quest of discovery, possibly culminatiing in Chic, Le Freak.  It remains one of my all time favourite pieces of music. 

So whilst I bopped along to the Glastonbury performance I googled Nile Rodgers.  I know he is on tour and I thought there might be the remote chance of a performance that isn't sold out.  What was the first thing I found, this.  So he has cancer, he writes a blog.  Looks like he could well be on a final tour.  Look at his hits, in his own name, for others and as a producer.  Look at the film soundtrack and video game credits. What a man.  The Glastonbury performance has a rhythm section like a steam train, brass beyond belief and such a great variety of great tunes.

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  1. Might be wrong but I Think he's at Moseley this weekend at a Soul festival thing.