Monday, 8 July 2013

The worst chemo 24 hours yet

It is supposed to be my week off.  I am supposed to be able to get on with life and get ready for round 2.  the past 24 hours have been evil.

We got down to Dorset on Sunday to catch Murray winnng and then went to Jess' 21st birthday party.  Really pleasanr evening round the table eating and chatting.  Got back to Frank's about 10:15 and I had atouch of indigestion.  Not surprising, I had been eating and drinking and thought I would have to pay the penalty for an hour or so.  Went to bed, by which time the indigestion was on discomfort level 8.  You can't describe it as pain, it is duller, deeper and less specific than pain.   Woke at 3:30 and had to transfer to a chair as my stomach muscles were cramping and the discomfort had risen to 9.   Thrashed about for a couple of hours, walked up and down the hallway a bit, still really uncomfortable.  Got back into bed, but it hurt.

Got up and Frank had done a cooked breakfast, at my request, so I forced it down, but it was uncomfortable.  We went down to Hive Beach to catch some sun and sea.  I drove and probably shouldn't have done.  Every bump and turn hurt.  We set off for home about 2:00 with Sharon driving.  I had read the leaflet that came with the antibiotics and it warned of indigestion as a possible side effect.  I reclined the seat and thrasshed about in discomfort.  Rang the triage team from Salisbury and they said if it was the antibiotics it would be easier and quicker to see my GP and get them changed.    Rang the GP and got a 5:10 appointment, the last.  It was 3:20 and Salisbury is usually 2 hours from home.  Sharonwent for it and we walked into the surgery at 5:09pm, well done girl.  Then waited 20 minutes to see a Doctor.  It was one I had seen before, and he is very helpful.  Last time he broke the rules and took my blood so I could deliver it the path lab myself instead of having to wait until the next day.  Today he was great, read through the chemo documentation and pointed out that one of the chemo drugs also has the side effect of indigestion, some days after being administered.  He then rang the triage team to check that what he planned to prescribe would work with all the other drugs I am imbibing.  The triage team were surprised it hadn't already been prescribed!

So home, Sharon off to Sainsburys' Pharmacy and 40 minutes later, another drug enters my system.  It hasn't cured it, but it has knocked the edge off.  Discomfort down to level 6.  Have spent most of the evening curled up on the bed thrashing about.  Lets hope the second dose tomorrow gets rid of it.

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