Monday, 1 July 2013

It's a conspiracy

Chemo was swift and efficient this morning.  Got the drugs in quick and the bloodtests underway.  I would be having very serious thoughts about the value of it, if I had to go to Oxford everyday. Thank heaven for The Brodie Centre.

Then the worlds of hospitality and finance started to conspire against me.  All I wanted wa a nice hotel, for a couple of nights, near or in Brighton. Tripadvisor turned some up, all full, Visitbrighton found some, over £500 for 2 rooms for 2 nights, several small b&bs were answerphones, Premier Inns were all full or very expensive at Gatwick.  So, off to Travelodge.  Found what we needed within a reasonable price, made the booking, credit card refused.  Call from credit card people telling me there is too much fraud from this website so I needed to clear the payment.  Cleared, tried to rebook, no rooms!   Called Travelodge, confirmed no rooms as system was holding them waiting for my payment to clear, wait a while, call back.  Rang credit card company to ask them why I can't spend any money and moan about possibly losing the rooms.   Their answer was a polite "tough shit we are protecting you".  They protected me with the initial website, they protected me with their verification software and they protected me by phone 3 times.    Shame they don't protect me from cancer. 

Anyway, rant over, rooms booked, Bluebell line here we come.  Thanks Snook.  I need targetsand prizes to get me through this.  Have set some motorsport targets for September and October, need to create a chemo schedule to see how it fits.  Must sort out some fun for August. 

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