Monday, 29 July 2013

PET Scan

I have been for a PET scan today.  The results were conclusive, I don't have any Pets.  We havent had any since the dog died.

No seriously, the PET scan went smoothly.  I am amazed at how relaxed I am about them and hospitals in general now.  I suppose it is the exposure that has numbed me.  I remember my first PET scan last year.  I was apprehensive about being injected with radio active glucose, they struggled to find a vein and I was generally agitated by it.  Today I breezed in, closed my eyes whilst they found a vein, read a magazine and browsed the web whilst I absorbed the radioactive glucose and then fell asleep in the scanner.  Hopefully the results will be with Prof Hassan on Friday.

The end of chemo week and the weekend have all been good days.   Facebook friends and Blipfoto followers will already know that I went to The French Car show with Andy and his Peugeot rally car on Friday and Saturday.  There wasn't any hardwork to do, so we sat in the sun and drank tea, looked round the trade stands and cars and had a good time.  We took Andy's American Camper, it is fantastic.  Such luxury.  On Sunday I had a leisurely start, went to Leicester in the afternoon to look at an MGBGT (it is on ebay, I made him an offer, he won't end the auction early, so I will be at the mercy of the ebay bidding machine) and then called in to see some old Cambridge friends who now live in Leicestershire and we haven't seen for 10 years.  Audrey has given me some very useful information on alternative/complementary remedies, which she is involved in.  Looking at a major diet change, ways to make my body more alkaline and other possible strategies to help me beat the cancer for longer.  Anything has to be worth trying, the worst it could do is kill me. 

On Sunday evening Andy turned up with Ed, Scott, Max and Angus with the van and trailer.  We bolted the rear crossmember into the Skoda and 3 of them picked it up and wheeled it onto the trailer (once we freed the brakes off).  I was impressed, thought it would be heavier.  It is now in the workshop, where I can go and do bits and many others have volunteered to help.  Thank you everyone.

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