Thursday, 7 March 2013

Patient again tomorrow

Well, we had a good time away last weekend in Cardiff and Monmouth. The hospital rang me last Wednesday to ask me if I could go in last Friday for the operation. The secretary who left a message on my answer phone said it would 'be better. for me' 3 times in her message. I rang her to find out if there was a medical reason it would be better for me. She admitted that there wasn't, I pointed out I had a holiday booked and she suggested we leave the schedule as it was.

So we went away for a few days, came back to get organised and tomorrow I am in for an operation. Have done 2 lots of cream up my nose, to combat MRSA, have to have a shower with the special steriliser before bed and another in the morning. Then in to hospital for 7:00 am and hopefully I will be first one down and home in the afternoon. I haven't had a definitive answer on how long I will be in for, some say day surgery, some say a couple of days, so who knows? I would really like to be out tomorrow. I can feel the lump has got bigger since the chemo stopped, so I am no longer expecting good news about it being scar tissue.

Let's get it over with and get on with the radiotherapy.

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