Thursday, 21 March 2013

Good couple of days.

Feel like I am recovering at last. Had a fairly lazy day yesterday, went out for a drive again and cooked tea but didn't do much else.

Today I took the Polo for MOT, couple of advisories, but it passed. Cooked tea again and sorted out the tax and insurance for the Polo.

Kindness comes from the strangest places. I was telling my MOT tester about my ill health, treatment and that I haven't worked since last June and I may have to take the Land Rover off the road as I can't afford to tax and insure it. Ken immediately said he would MOT the Land Rover for free for me. I told him I couldn't possibly let him do that, but the fact that he would had me close to tears. OK he has been MOTing cars for me for 5 years or so and I do have too many cars, but that is one hell of an offer from a man I only see a few hours a year.

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