Monday, 18 March 2013

Ok so I have been quiet.

Last Friday was grim. I got on a bit of a downer about the pain and the swelling. I thought that after a week I should feel better. Rang the ward at The Churchill, they were very nice about it but basically said wait until next week and see my GP. So I emailed my GP and she said much the same. I was really frustrated, wanted to feel better and didn't feel like I was getting anywhere.

Felt a bit better Saturday, but was still very frustrated by it all. It was Lauren's birthday and we had visitors. Having lots of people around and watching the rugby didn't make me feel any better, but it stopped me from thinking about it too much.

Sunday was busy too with my brother and sister visiting to celebrate Mum's birthday. We went out to lunch and I had a very nice pint of Old Hooky. Again it didn't make me feel any better, but it kept me busy.

On the grounds that I probably over did it on Saturday and Sunday, today I have done nothing much at all. Andy called in for a cup of tea, great to see him, but his shoulder is bad again. I feel a lot better and I think the swelling may have subsided slightly. The wound is healing up a treat. The secret seems to be, not to do too much and not to think about it all. So that's the plan for tomorrow as well.

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