Thursday, 14 March 2013

Been out on my own today

Despite a bad night last night, I have been feeling good all day today. I am still quite swollen, but the soreness is going, I tried some ice on it, but it didn't make any difference, might have another go tomorrow.

Didn't get going until 9:30 ish, had a shower and put proper clothes on though. Caught up on some of the internet motoring forums this morning. Had a bit of lunch and then walked over to mum's. That is the first time I have been out on my own since the op and I think it has done me good. I never thought that something like this would have such a mental impact as well as the physical. It was the same with the chemo, when I left the house I was scared that I might not get back. Irrational fear, but fear all the same. Got to mum's, filled her pill box up for her and then had a coffee and a rest. Then walked back and arrived safely home, irrational fear.

Watched Matrix Reloaded this afternoon. I had forgotten what good films they are for a geek. To anyone who hasn't studied computer science they are just sci-fi action adventures, but to us in the know they are full of fantastic little techie references like the 'carrier lost' screen that appears when a hacker dies in The Matrix.

Cooked paella for tea and have now collapsed in front of the telly. The link to facebook has been playing up so I may have to post manually.

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