Monday, 22 October 2012

Round 5

Rang hotel Churchill just before 9 to see what time they wanted me in. They said not to get there until 1:00ish as beds were scarce and chemo drugs wouldn't arrive before then. So Sharon and I did the shopping in Sainsbury's.

Left home about 11:30 and arrived in the Churchill car park about 12:20. We went round to the parking office and got a new car park pass, this one lasts up to January. Then we went to the cafe and had some lunch. Arrived at the OWLS desk about 1:10. Still no beds.

Sat in the quiet room and did all the admissions paperwork and saw a doctor. Still no chemo drugs though. Got a bed about 3:30 but still no chemo drugs. Chemo drugs finally arrived around 5:30. Now hooked up and being poisoned.

Think it will be an early night. Feeling tired and there will be a change every few hours and pee breaks as there is a 21 hour rehydration. Such fun.
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