Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Round 4 Day 2 Part 2

Nice quiet day of Chemo therapy, the joys of a single room.  Have to admit my mental/emotional state is much better in here than it has been in the 4 person wards.  That may also be because the chemo regime has changed, no Doxorubithingy, the one that makes you pee red.   Haven't looked at the other side effects of that one recently but I know one of them made you prone to depression.

The alarm is going off on the drip at the moment, the Mesna has finished I think.  Becky is busy doing someone else at the moment, but she will be along soon, in fact she has just arrived.  Forgot to say earlier, being looked after by 2 Beckies (correct plural?  What is the collective noun for Beckies?) today

Nausea levels are about the same as last time, the anti sickness medication has stayed the same.  Really can't face much food, but cant take steroids on an empty stomach as they give you ulcers.  So a rock and a hard place, eat and feel ill, don't eat and face ulcers.

Latest calculation of finish times says hat I should be done about 7:00 am tomorrow!  The removal of Doxorubithingy has taken 8 hours out of the schedule, currently on 3 hours of Ifosfamide and then 12 hours of re-hydration and Mesna.  So could be home for breakfast if I can get a lift off Sharon at that time of the morning.

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  1. I think 2 Beckies are a brace and 3 or more a bracelet.