Saturday, 20 October 2012

Coming to terms with Friday

Sharon and Lauren went to Cambridge for a haircut. I stayed at home as Luckydog isstaying for the weekend.

Put a new rear wiper on Lauren's Clio. Not a fabulous piece of Renault design as the old one had an alloy centre that had corroded onto the motor spindle, but a bit of dremeling and some ingenuity got it apart.

Had a nap after lunch and then prepared tea for us and Karen and Kevin. K+K turned up about 5:15, we ate about 5:45 and then went down to The Mill to see The Blockheads. 35 years of touring as a band, in their late 50s and early 60s but still full of energy and the best jazz/funk band I know. They played all the hits and some of their recent compositions.

Feel an even stronger affinity with them now than ever before. The original drummer, Charley Charles, died of cancer. Sharon and I came back from our honeymoon to go to the benefit gig at The Roundhouse. And of course, the legendary Ian Dury died of cancer. I am going to beat it though and go to more Blockheads gigs. Even if I do have to stay on the chemo 'til Christmas.
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