Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Round 5 Day 2

Never got my early night. A combination of circumstances meant it was 11:30 by the time I got to sleep. Woken at 3 am by someone trying to take my blood sugar level. Fortunately she realised she had the wrong man before she drew blood. Bag change at 4:00 am and wake up call around 7:00 from the cleaning staff.

Breakfasted by 9:00 and then disconnected for a shower. Reconnected by 10:00 so treatment continues. Seen the pharmacist and she is getting me some difflam throat wash, so that will save £5.50 in Sainsbury's. Should be able to get my GP to prescribe some for later weeks as well. My free prescriptions card turned up last week. 5 years of free prescriptions.

Frances came in to visit this afternoon. Good to catch up and find out she knows all the district nurses from her arm injury time. She has been staying away from me as she has been full of coughs and colds since the beginning of school term.

Lauren and Sharon are on their way down to see me. They won't be here long as Lauren has to get back for dancing lessons at 8:30.

Blood pressure is up. Fluid retention in action. Doctor has asked to see my data from home recordings to see if my medication needs changing. Sharon is bringing them in.

Not likely to get an early night tonight either as the rehydration will finish around 8:00 pm then 3 hours of chemo, then more rehydration starts. And rehydration will mean pee breaks every few hours. So not much sleep again.
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