Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Got home just after 10:00 am. So much better having a single room and reduced chemo regime. Nowhere near as tired and have managed to eat better today. Cornflakes for breakfast, crispbread cheese and olives for lunch and a cream soda float and jelly babies for high tea. Looking forward to Sausage and jacket potato for tea.

The rehydration routine keeps you on the move every 3 hours so I didn't have a great night. Topped up with an hours sleep on the bed with the sun streaming in the window to keep me warm after I had showered.

Lauren has just called in to see me so if anything exciting happens I will post again later.
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  1. Let me know when you're having High Tea again, I'll pop round for a cream soda float!

  2. mmmm...cream soda float...takes me right back to my childhood. Glad to hear you are doing to you all