Friday, 12 October 2012

Fair to Middling week really

I have just realised that it is Friday and I have been quiet since Monday.  That about sums the week up, quiet.  I have had a sore throat and no voice for most of the week, I am bored and fed up but daren't go out and do things in case the sore throat and voice turns into something nasty.   So I have been holed up at home, venturing out for a drive occasionally to enjoy the last of the autumn sun before the grey of winter arrives.

The District Nurse has just been to change my PICC line dressing.  She was amazed at how well I look and, once again, confirmed that a positive mental attitude is the best cure you can have.  I have struggled to stay positive this week, but that is mainly the boredom of it all.

Been relieving the boredom by playing with the Spotify music player this morning.  Started by looking for a Rocket From The Tombs version of Sonic Reducer and also found their version of 17.  That got me thinking and I searched for 18 and kept going until I got to 40, I will continue at some point.  The years toll (to be continued) is a link to the playlist if you fancy something different, I have been my usual eclectic self.  Found some very nice stuff in the searches.

1 comment:

  1. Been pretty quiet at mine!!lol
    Bet the boys are all missing you.
    Not got a clue what you're on about - Spotify - but seems to be keeping you occupied.
    See you soon xx