Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Regular Readers

A few pictures here that go back to some previous posts.  They are from my day out with Rob, Jude, Sam and Bella in the Land Rover and I am wearing my new hat that my brother bought me.

Today I popped up to Kenilworth to the new Goodfoot office for a coffee and a catch up with Jeremy.  I then popped into Kenilworth library for a look at the definitive map.  It didn't have any routes on it I haven't already found though.  On the way back, on the M40, the Polo exhaust fell off its rear mountings again.  Fortunately my safety wire from the previous fix meant that I kept the rubbers on and it didn't fall off completely.  Managed to botch it up and then called in at Simon and Pete's workshop to borrow a trolley jack and put it right back on.  Lasted all the way home and it is still on at the moment.  Planning to take it and put it on the ramp at Andy's tomorrow.  That way if it needs major  welding I am in the right place.

All in all a good day, but I am a bit tired now.  Off to bed.

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