Friday, 6 September 2013

What to blog???

When I started the blog there was a lot of chemotherapy going on and much to share.  The current chemo seems so easy.  I take 4 tablets in the morning, most days I feel fine, if I overdo it I get very tired and if I walk too far I get very sore.  But generally that's it. I don't know if it is doing any good.  The tumour in my groin has gone hard (oooer missus, snigger snigger), I don't think it is any bigger and I don't think it is any smaller.  I have had some pain in my back, in the sameplace as it was in the early chemo when the Prof said it was the tumour in my kidney.  Other than that all is well and I have been busy enjoying myself.

Went down to Swansea for a couple of days this week to see Phill.  We had a day out on The Gower, walked on Port Eynon beach and had lunch overlooking Rhossilli Bay.  I drove his Jag and he enjoyed being chauffeurred, he didn't make me wear his peaked cap and he sat in the front.  The Jag is a gorgeous car, almost obscene in its opulence.  I left it fairly late to come back in the evening and got even later when my 20 minute power nap turned into an hours sleep in the Forest of Dean.  I must of needed it, I awoke refreshed and between Cheltenham and Banbury I only saw about 3 other cars.  Blasting across the Cotswolds under a star filled sky in 500Tie was gorgeous, I need more drives like that.

So with the chemo being fairly routine and me filling my time with as many adventures as I can, blogging will be sporadic.

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