Friday, 20 September 2013

Busy week

I have been keeping myself busy this week to keep my mind off of last weeks blood test results. Have been feeling fairly good. I have also discovered that I can walk into the path lab over the road at the Horton and get blood tests done on a Thursday ready for the Churchill on a Friday, which makes life easier. I had to go to The Churchill Wednesday though to get an envelope for the blood tests to go in as it has to be signed by the doctor. Went in 500Tie, in the sun. Unfortunately it rained later so I had to get her washed before going to Classics on the Green at Wychford on Thursday evening. It was a lovely little event with a variety of vehicles on the village green outside the pub.

Today I have been to see Dr Pratap. I was expecting the worst and that they were going to say the chemo has destroyed my liver and that it won't get better and chemo will have to stop. It wasn't that bad, my liver seems to have recovered a bit and we have planned another review next week. So, no chemo again this week. It's a difficult place to be mentally, I want the chemo back as it will extend my life expectancy, but I don't want the chemo because it could fatally damage my liver. It does my head in if I think about it for too long. Hopefully my liver will have recovered again next week and chemo will recommence. Then the plan is to monitor my blood every week. No appointment next week as The Prof and Dr Pratap are both off to a conference. So, blood test Thursday at the Horton and phone conversation Friday from the conference! What service.
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