Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chemo update

Had a phone call from the new intern at The Churchill this afternoon, she was going to ring me yesterday evening but decided it was too late when she found out.  They have looked at my blood results, liver is functioning almost normally, slight anomaly with the kidneys, may have been de-hydration.  Result, back to 600mg of pazobanib from tomorrow!  Lets hope the reduced dose is kinder on my liver but still enough to slow the tumours down.

After a slow and lazy start I have spent all day doing the last little jobs and packing the Skoda ready for tomorrows event.  Ian helped, and I couldn't have managed without him.  Carrying the hoover from the garage(yes I have a garage hoover) to the car was enough for me.  I could have managed the spare wheels and the compressor, but it would have finished me off for the day and I would never have been able to put them away.

Early night tonight as I have to take the pazobanib an hour before food and I am picking lauren up at 9:00, which means leaving home at 8:30 ish, so up at 7:00 for pazobanib.

Thanks everybody for all the effort and facebook chat that has gone into making tomorrow happen.  Lets hope Lauren and I don't come last.

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