Friday, 13 September 2013

Something to Report!

I have been to see the oncologist today, and they were on time!!!!!!!

Saw Dr Pratap, we went through all my blood pressure data and she was happy that is staying below 100 dyastolic most of the time.  I have to contact them if it goes over 100 2 days running.  We went through all the other possible side effects, of which I have none (except a bit of fatigue now and then).  I asked her if the soreness was the pazobanib doing its job or the tumour developing, she was straight and honest and said she didn't know.  She also listened to my chest.  I asked her if that was to detect side effects or to keep an eye on the findings from the last scan.  She said it was to keep an eye on the scan results and what was going on in my lungs.  She couldn't hear anything abnormal, so the pazobanib seems to be doing something. 

She is requesting a scan for me sometime before my next appointment, which was to have been the 11th October, but I moved it to the 18th, in case we decide to go to Jersey for the rally and a few days of autumn fun.

I haven't had many adventures this week.  I popped out to the Banbury Classic Car Club gathering yesterday evening, 500Tie got much admiration.  Other than that it has been dog/plumber sitting and general odds and ends this week.  Might have a trip East next week to Cambridge and my Dad to see how he is getting on.  Depends when I can book my Speed Awareness course for, as Northamptonshire have decided that this time they should let me go on a course and not give me the fine and points.  

It's been a bit too normal this week, I haven't posted a blipfoto and I haven't blogged. 

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