Sunday, 29 September 2013

Another Fantastic Day

Back on the pazobanib this morning.  Took it at 7:00 am and then went back to sleep for half an hour.  No noticeable side effects.  But, it does cause a different kind of pain in the tumour.  Without pazobanib I get sore and stinging feelings.  With pazobanib it burns.

Spent the whole day driving the Skoda up hills with Lauren.  Apart from a row with a marshal, who was telling Lauren what to do, which had she followed would have ended in disaster, it has been a great day.  Even when we suffered fuel starvation problems the troops rallied.  Good old Matt got a screw driver out and bypassed the mechanical fuel pump, power restored.  I have been driving at Burton Dasset since before Lauren was born and today we saw the top of some hills we have never been to the top of before.  Lauren was fantastic, and beat me up some of the hills.  Unfortunately it took her longer to get into it than me, so overall I have a better score than her.

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