Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reality Check

I have had a pretty shit day today. I had a facebook message first thing to tell me my old boss, John Matchett, lost his battle against cancer. I saw his name on the ward board at The Churchill last year. Then I saw his wife walk along the corridor. I couldn't do anything to find out what was happening as I was flat out in bed on a chemo drip.

Then, by chance, I saw him in Sainsbury's car park. I asked how he was, and in his usual way he answered 'Fine'. I then told him I had seen him in The Churchill when I was in for chemo and he admitted he had bowel cancer.

Since then I have spoken to him on the phone a few times, exchanged txts and emails. In our last phone conversation he described us as "kindred spirits fighting the same thing". I left a message on his phone a couple of weeks ago asking him when we could meet for a coffee. I didn't hear anything back, now I know why.

I have also had a long phone chat with my Dad. He doesn't sound at all well. He is diabetic, his lungs have problems and now they have scanned his brain. Must get over to see him.

I am also worried (I know, I don't do worrying) that Andy isn't going to have time to get the Skoda sorted before Sunday. It seems there are still a number of issues to resolve before an MOT and others before it runs OK. I hope we can sort it as Burton Dasset has always been my favourite event at one of my favourite places. I'd love to say "No worries, there is always next year".

Chaired my last governors meeting this evening. Well in fact I only chaired the first 4 items and then I handed over to the new chair. It was very sad, but I got lots of appreciation.

Had to wait half an hour for a blood test at The Horton this morning. Still far better than a trip to The Churchill. No oncologist appointment tomorrow, they are all away at a conference. They are going to ring me and let me know how my liver is and whether I can start the chemo again.
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