Saturday, 17 August 2013

Welsh Excursion

Saw Prof Hassan on Friday. He was only 40 minutes late. Very brief appointment, he looked through my blood pressure numbers, told me all the side effects to watch out for (including spontaneous bleeding) and said if I have any of them to call straight away. Other than that, next appointment is 13th September.
Came out to find that there was no one to do blood tests until 2:15, so another 15 minutes waiting. Ho hum.

Got home, packed some bags and waited for Ian to come and pick us up. Tea at Lauren and Ian's and then off to Wales. The Buckley Arms hotel was great but Porthmadog has been very wet today and the Bron Rhiw here in Criccieth seems very average.

We have tickets for The Welsh Highland Railway tomorrow, so it is an early start with breakfast at 8;00. I have to have my chemo drugs on an empty stomach an hour before eating, so I will be up popping pills at 6:45 am. Horrible for a Sunday.
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