Friday, 2 August 2013

Churchill Time

Been to see Prof Hassan today. He was running an hour late as usual.  He had the scan results and they were not good news.  As a result we decided to try the other chemo regime. This will be tablet based, take at home, so no more visits to the Brodey. Will call in one day next week to say thank you.  The main side effect of the new chemo is raised blood pressure, mine is high already.   The Prof says we can control it.

He also said they will monitor closely in the early stages. Sharon and I imagined daily visits to The Churchill, turns out his concept of close monitoring is every 2 weeks.  So it looks like the blood pressure monitor will be pressed into service.  

I am not feeling great about it all.  Finding it really difficult to get motivated and I am uncertain how I will react to daily chemo, could be good, could be bad.  The conversation with The Prof upset me and Sharon. Talking about how long the drugs might buy me and how quickly I could deteriorate if I refused them focuses the mind.  Unfortunately it isn't a nice place to focus. 

On a more cheerful note Lauren and Ian are home from their holiday and came round for tea.  Had to take them both for a ride in 500Tie. Lauren wants a brake pedal on the passenger side and Ian wants to go on the insurance. :

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