Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Chemo, great day


Had a great day today.  I have been at On Your Marks.  it is a charity do sponsored by Asda.  Andy and Dan were there with their rally cars giving people rides in return for a charity donation.  I went as Service Crew.  I got a ride with both of them too.  Great fun.  Had a walk round too and saw the air display.  Went in 500Tie, which made it even more fun.

I was up early, not to go to Bruntingthorpe, but because I have to have my latest chemo on an empty stomach an hour before food.  The latest regime is Pazopanib  which comes in tablet form and I can take at home.  I have had no side effects today, I was very cautious about going to Bruntingthorpe on the day I started a new chemo regime but, after a restless night thinking about it, I am glad I did.  I suppose it could have been very different, if you look at the side effects.   I am really hoping this lot works.  I am formalising 'using my brain to heal myself' with a Betty Shine Healing Room meditation thingy, also need to look out the book Aud and Josh recommended, think it was called The Secret, by Rhonda something, it will be on facebook.

Off to Dorset for a couple of days in the morning to see Frank, hoping to take 500Tie there as well.  I think I have already done more miles in her than she did in the last 3 years. 

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