Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Its been a good day, but I am a bit down.

It's been a good day today, drove over to Oldbury to get some bits for 500Tie.  They had everything I needed except a headlight switch, the current one works most of the time, but I can guarantee it will fail when it is most needed.

Don't know why I feel down, but I do.  I am not looking forward to the new chemo, the list of side effects has scared me.  The Prof pointed out on Friday that the side effects are no worse than those of Aspirin, but it still scares me.  I can feel the tumour in my groin a lot more now than ever before and I am not sure if it is my imagination following the scan results last Friday or if its real, but I can feel it elsewhere too.  I need to keep busy, when I am doing things I don't think about it.  Driving is still good for me, it occupies my mind and leaves my sub-concious to process things.  I am using my brain to see if I can send my white blood cells to fight the cancer cells, it has to be worth a try.  Thinking about going onto a green juice diet, it seems like a hell of a lot of green vegetables and the advice says not to mix it with chemotherapy, so I need to talk to Dr Pratap about it on Friday.

Have an appointment with my GP on Thursday afternoon and with the Oncologists on Friday Morning.  In between we are hoping to go to Bristol for the Baloon Fiesta Nightglow and Fireworks. 

Just realised I haven't blogged since Friday!  Sorry.  The weekend was great.  Saturday Sharon and I took 500Tie to Mallory park to watch the qualifying and a few races at The Classic Touring Car Club Classic Weekend.  A trialing aquaintance was there racing his Ford Fiesta, and going very quickly.  Sunday we went to Andy and Cheryl's for dinner and had a great time.  I needed cheering up after Friday and motorsport and good friends did the job.  

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