Wednesday, 21 August 2013

On The Cut

We had a great weekend in North Wales, rode the Welsh Highland Railway, ate well and generally had a good time.

Picked up the narrow boat on Monday afternoon and have travelled up to Llangollen, where Graham and Pat joined us for a meal and today we have done a mega cruise from Llangollen down to Ellesmere. Just moored up a little way out of the town on some 48 hour moorings between two cattle pastures. Tea is on.

My blood pressure started to rise on Saturday and has been showing higher than my normal high. Left a message on the Prof's answerphone yesterday and his secretary called me back today. Well I had to work out she was the unknown number as she didn't leave a message. When I got hold of her she said she had left a message for me at home. She doesn't like to leave messages on mobiles as she might have got the wrong number, how does she know she got the right number for home? Anyway, upshot is, Prof says to take 10mg of amlodopine instead of 5mg and see how it goes until Friday and then let him know the result. That is much better than what his secretary suggested, which was to visit my GP, not easy from a narrow boat in Shropshire.

Today's picture is the view from the boat on the Pontcysyllte aqueduct. That grass is 126ft below. Great fun.
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