Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Regime still seems good

Drove down to Dorset on Sunday.  Had 90 minutes sleep when I got there, but I did that sometimes before I had cancer and was on chemo.  Good couple of days down there, saw the sea, had a drive round the fantastic countryside in my classic car and had a reasonable journey home on Monday.

Been pretty good today as well.  Got up about 7:00 to take the Pazopanib then went back to bed.  Struggled to get going and finally emerged at 9:30ish.  I have had a form from the DWP to keep claimimg my ISA benefit.  Part of the form has to be completed by a healthcare professional, so I took it to the GP.  They rang me and said they charge £15 to fill in the form.  Ok, so that is no big deal for me as I have other sources of funding and am only getting my contributions based benefit.  But if I was having to survive on the £71 a week the benefit pays me, £15 would be a substantial chunk of my weeks money.  Why does a doctor charge me to do things?  I have paid my NI all my working life, shouldn't I get something out of them?  I am angry.

Popped over to see friends, who are visiting from Guernsey, they had bought me some lucky heather back from their trip to Skye.  It will fill the gaps on the rockery a treat, lets hope it is super lucky too.  Had a very open discussion with Martine about how long I have and funerals.  Did me good.

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  1. Sounds like a positive time (apart from the £15 nonsense),
    Thinking of you as ever