Thursday, 30 May 2013

What a day.

Had a fantastic day today.  We hired a Caterham 7 from Sevenhire and drove from Berkeley to Hay on Wye and back.  187 miles and only one of them had the roof up.  Even in my current state/mood it still brought an instant grin to my face.  There are loads of pictures on facebook and I am editing up some video, but as a taster, here is a blast of video.

It really was a good day, doing something I love with someone I love very much.  Sharon enjoyed it too, the 7 made her grin too.  She also declared it was more comfortable than my Polobanger.  The Roadsport model we had today was more comfortable than the Supersport Lauren and I hired in 2011.  Today we had leather seats and softer suspension.

It was Hay on Wye Literary Festival and the town was packed.  We managed to park on the High Street, but it was only a 30 minute parking bay.  We had a short walk and a coffee before looking for somewhere else to park, but it was heaving and they were queuing for every car park.  So we headed for Abergaveny and Monmouth and had lunch in a cafe in Monmouth before blasting back through the Forest of Dean.

I haven't had so much fun since Lauren and I did it in 2011.  If anyone else fancies a ride, I am open to offers.  

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