Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dealing with it

It has been a weekend of family and friends, country walks, sunshine and contemplation.  If the experts are right, then so be it. It will be time to get on with the rest of my life, tidy up the mess I live in, sort out loose ends and have lots of family and fun time. 

I have emailed my Macmillan nurse at The Churchill and asked her to find out what is going on with appointments.  I have provisionally booked a Caterham 7 for Thursday, but the weather doesn't look brilliant.  Sharon and I will definitely go somewhere for a couple of days whatever it is like.  Unless the hospital get back to me with a new appointment  that means we can't.

Thanks to everyone for the love and support over the weekend, it means a lot to us. 


  1. Shed a couple of tears for you over the weekend Graham. You are often on my mind and I always read your news. Your vandalism of Lauren's bed still makes me laugh although I never did find the earth fault! Its easy to say keep fighting, but I really hope you do. With very best wishes.

  2. I am not a religious person (no suprise there). Yesterday I went into the church on the top of the hill overlooking Athens, it was very peaceful, I was thinking of you, I lit a candle for you to celebrate the things you are going to be doing with your life going forward, somehow it felt right.
    On a lighter note, please blip the Caterham ;-)

  3. We are in Gloucester Cathedral. I am not a religous man either, Sharon lit a candle and said a prayer for us all.