Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Day Out in Gloucester

Got to Gloucester just before 12:00 and went straight to the docks. Coffee at the waterways museum comes from a vending machine, so went to the cafe across the carpark for a drink and cake.

The waterways museum is full of interesting stuff, but getting a bit tired and in need of an update. We walked from there to the cathedral. Even as a non religious person I am always moved by the magnificence of cathedrals and the devotion of those who created and now maintain them. The stained glass is amazing, the cloisters splendid and the size enormous. Sharon lit a candle and said a prayer for us all.

I have only shed tears twice today. Once when I received Snook's comment on the last blog post and then when Sharon decided to light the candle.

This evening we have been for a walk around Stroud and found The Sorrento restaurant. Excellent pasta. Now laying on the bed in the Travelodge watching tele and hoping for better weather tomorrow.
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