Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summers over

Still got my shorts on, they're comfortable, but it was very chilly today.  Spent the morning catching up on some governor stuff, popped out at lunchtime for a bit of a drive and to re-unite Simon with his phone.  When I called him a young lady answered and told me she had picked it up in her work car park.  Couldn't ring Simon to tell him where it was so I had to go and see him.

Feeling great at the moment.  Got to see the nurse in the morning for a dressing change and I am hoping they will declare that it can be left to heal up without any stuffing in it, getting fed up of nurses poking my scrotum. never thought I'd type that.  Things might go a bit quiet on the blog again, things are good and I am going to enjoy myself a bit before the onslaught of radiotherapy.

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