Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Cost of Cancer

When I last saw Prof Hassan he suggested I should take my wife away on holiday before my operation.  Sharon is really busy at work but has managed to get a few days off at the beginning of March.  We fancied Barcelona.  Thomas Cook came up with a price around £700 for us, all in at a 3 star hotel near the Picasso museum.  I had to speak to their travel insurance providers about my condition.  They asked me if it had been diagnosed as terminal, which took me close to tears, but Thomas Cook in Banbury isn't the place for me to cry.  They then announced they can't insure me.

Not deterred I came home to get some quotes via, who have companies who specialise in insuring cancer sufferers.  Filled in all the details and got a quote of £750 for 4 nights travel insurance for me and Sharon in Barcelona.  More than the holiday.  Think we might go to Cardiff or Edinburgh instead.

On the good side, I walked all the way into Banbury town centre and back, the first time since May last year.  Had to have a sit down and a coffee in town and came back via The Kings, with another sit down and a coffee.  But, I did walk all the way into town and back.

So if you know any travel insurance companies who cater for cancer sufferers or have any suggestions, let me know.  Have tried several on-line quotes and they either wont insure me or they don't ask any medical questions and give a £50 or so quote that won't give me any cover.

To make things worse on what had become a bad day, I booked tickets for Race Retro and also booked the Historic Rally Car drive for me and Ian.  Having made the payment they popped up a screen saying I had to provide a copy of my driving licence.  I sent it off for renewal last week.

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