Thursday, 28 February 2013

Back to being a patient

Hello blog readers, long time no see. After a brief period of normality I am back to being a patient today. I am on the park and ride bus heading for the John Radcliffe for a pre-op assessment. Operation is booked for March 8th.

Much has happened in the period of normality, many of them normal to most people, but monumental to us chemo ravaged cancer sufferers.

For example, I walked into Banbury and back, I drove to Neath and back to visit an old friend and I spent a day interviewing for a new headteacher. All fairly normal things, and it has been really good to be normal for a while.

Off to Cardiff and Monmouth for a few days tomorrow with Sharon. Couple of days of city break then a couple of days by the River Wye to recover.
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