Tuesday, 31 July 2012

For a good cause

I just noticed that I can sign up for google adsense here.  That means this blog could make money.  So I propose to sign up (probably not tonight) and then donate any money it makes to the Churchill Oncology Ward.  That will of course mean the blog gets adverts on it, some of which will make money by being there, others may require you to click on them to make money.  I will also be relying on my readers to attract more people to increase traffic and click through.  What do you think?  Make a comment.

Summary for the technologically chellenged

I write interesting and amusing stuff here, provide the odd link and keep you entertained
You read it and tell your friends about it
Google pop annoying little ads up on it that realate to the content and the people who read it (YOU)
You see the ads and sometimes click on them
Google pay money to me
I give the money to the Oncology ward

The more people who come along and read the ads, the more money we make.  So get commenting and tell your freinds (or if you dislike it that much, tell your enemies)  Oh and if you work for the NHS, the sueing for loss of income was just a joke.