Monday, 30 July 2012

By Way of Introduction

Towards the end of May 2012 I spent a Saturday working as a rally driving instructor, as I often do.  At the end of the day I had a small graze on the left hand side of my groin where a seat belt had been rubbing.  Closer inspection revealed a lump in my groin.  I thought I had twisted or pulled a muscle and it would go away.  10 days or so later it hadn't gone away, so I went to see my GP.  She seemed confident it was probably a hernia and booked me an ultrasound scan.  The scan revealed it wasn't a hernia.

On the 11th June I went to an appointment at a clinic in the John Radcliffe hospital where a lovely young doctor arranged for a pathologist to take a biopsy which lead to a diagnosis of lymphoma.  I was devastated.  The NHS spang into action and I was pre-op'ed on the 13thJune and the tumour was removed on 15th June.  The tumour removal revealed it was not lymphoma, but Sarcome and ther tuma was in my peritonial tube.  After a couple more appointments with carious consultants I was introduced to Prof. Hassan who was to be in charge of my chemo therapy.

He revealed that I am, as I suspected, one in a million.  Sarcoma is very rare in men of my age and much more common in 19 year old men.   A chemotherapy strategy has been put together and it starts today.

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